About 未来都市ZUYOR

未来都市ZUYOR ― みらいとし・ずよーる

それは500年後の渋谷 ――― 街は知能を持った野鳥たちに支配され、人類は衰退の一途を辿っていた ――― 。



Future City ZUYOR

That was Shibuya after 500 years-the city was ruled by intelligent wild birds, and mankind was in decline all the way.

In such a suppressed world, the only entertainment left for humanity is a dance party that takes place in a white room at night and night.

DJs led audiences to a whirlpool of enthusiasm, with crazy turntables and long-established national music.

― 未来都市ZUYORがあなた未来のデイスコヲ連れていきます 縺壹h繧医j ―